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Tide Information

Tide Data

This image contains near real-time water level observations from sensors located at the Stony Point Jetty, Victoria. Position: 38° 22.338'S, 145° 13.474’ E. [map]

  • This data is automatically generated and is not quality controlled.
  • All times and dates are in Australian Eastern Standard Time.
  • Each 'observation' (or record) is obtained by sampling the water levels and averaging over 10 minute intervals.
  • Chart Datum is measured relative to Stony Point and is 1.69 m below Australian Height Datum

Key Description
Measured Data The measured water level at the sensor (metres) above Chart Datum.
Predicted Level The predicted tidal water level at the sensor (metres) above Chart Datum.
Residual The difference between the measured water level and the predicted tidal level (metres). This value is positive when the measured level is higher than the predicted level.

DISCLAIMER: This data is for general information purposes only. No representation, warranty or guarantee is made as to the accuracy or completeness of the information or its suitability for particular purposes. Persons making use of the information do so entirely at their own risk and the Port of Hastings Development Authority does not accept liability for loss or damage of any kind arising directly or indirectly from its use by persons other than the Authority.