Port of Hastings : Port Operations :


The Port of Hastings is located in Western Port approximately 72 kilometres south east of Melbourne. It is one of four major working commercial trading ports operating in Victoria.

The Port of Hastings' main trade groups include import/export of oil, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and unleaded petrol (ULP).

The port supports refining/fractionation plants, gas and oil storage and load-out facilities. The port is also the southern terminal for several pipelines carrying gas and oil to coastal markets, and through the Western Port Altona Geelong (WAG) Pipeline to Mobil and Shell refineries in Melbourne and Geelong. Crude oil and condensate from the Bass Strait not utilised for refining by Shell and Mobil is shipped interstate.

Around 100-150 vessels are recorded at the port each year, ranging in size up to 100,000 tonnes.

Supporting infrastructure

Facilities include:

  • Stony Point jetty and depot
  • Crib Point liquid berths 1 and 2
  • Long Island Point liquid berth

The facilities at Stony Point are also used by passenger ferries, the Royal Australian Navy (training vessel), fishing industry, oil exploration vessels and small commercial vessels Harbour Tugs & Harbour Service Vessel